Brand development for Profol

Brand book and style guide for the polypropylene experts Brand development and brand design for Profol The brand book: values and attitude With growth to seven locations in Europe, the USA and China and over 500 employees, the successful, owner-managed company and its brand development are facing new challenges. These relate to both internal and external communication. [...]

Employer branding for the AKDB

Employer branding for a public-sector company Welcome to the institution About IT girls and public-sector nerds When the company name includes the term "institution", motivated and dynamic employees don't necessarily bite. If you have a healthy self-confidence and don't take yourself too seriously, but take the matter very seriously, then this dusty term suddenly takes on a [...]

Recruiting campaign for Profol

HR RECRUITING CAMPAIGN 2023/2024 Profol Recruiting Campaign The Client At the heart of innovation, where ideas meet reality, stands Profol GmbH. A global player that is not only a leader in the production of polypropylene cast films and lightweight composites, but also excels in the art of sustainability. Profol, known for its innovative solutions ranging from recyclable [...]