Project Detail

Craftsman marketing from the world market leader

Although we have plenty of experience in the construction and supplier sector and know the ins and outs of multi-level sales, a new customer first requires a dive into the inner workings of the brand and the marketing organisation. Because this is exactly what characterises the way BALLEYWASL works, we were commissioned by Knauf to develop a brochure for the new W111 DIA70 drywall. The message: high load-bearing capacity, good sound insulation and quick installation. The result is impressive.

A fresh look

Knauf is strictly managed in terms of its image. The corporate design leaves little room for innovation, so the aim is to attract attention with good images and crisp texts.

The USP gets the lead

Less material, faster installation and therefore lower costs - these are the USPs of the new Knauf W111 DIA70 drywall. We thought it had to be on the cover. Thought, said, done.

Also available online

Everything has its place, including the digital extension. Building materials retailers and tradespeople have long since arrived in the digital age and get product presentations, tips and installation instructions from the Internet.


A product brochure is not a campaign and yet it deserves creativity and care. We are always proud when we are allowed to work for a market leader, even if it is only a small part of the job. Many a relationship starts with a flirt. We'll see if our efforts bear fruit.