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Branding and corporate design

Strategy, concept and design along the entire customer journey. For all touchpoints - online and offline, internal and external. Relevant to the target group. With a clear positioning and a purpose. Brand-orientated. Integrated. For B2C, B2B, associations, institutions and NPOs.

Employer branding and recruiting

Market and competitor analysis, candidate personas, EVP employer value proposition, creative springboard, visual content production, creative, value communication and recruiting campaigns, 

Content marketing and storytelling

Content strategy, content creation, text and image editing, hybrid publishing, content seeding, editing, value communication, sales supporting content, caption, creative text and long copy.   

Social Media Marketing

Social media strategy, conception, creation, channel strategy, content production, editorial planning, community management, followers and engagement, on Meta, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. More about this on

Our pricing policy

We don't sell hours. We deliver results.

Hourly and daily rates say little about quality and the time required. That is why we have numerous Packages and products which offer you orientation and give you an impression of the services we can provide for a predictable amount offer. Just have a look around and let us know if a package is generally suitable for your task. You will then receive an offer tailored to your requirements on this basis.

Your advantages: A lot of performance in one package + planning security + a solid Basis for a customised offer.

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Visual Content Creation (Photo+Video)

Visual content production does not produce one perfect photo or video, but enough material to be able to use the channels over a longer period of time. 

Visual Content Creation (photo)

Visual content production does not produce one perfect photo, but enough material to be able to use the channels over a longer period of time. 

Social media package Meta 1 Facebook + Instagram

The minimum for visibility and community building: 1 channel-specific post per week on Instagram and Facebook.

Corporate publishing analogue + digital

The best of both worlds: the printed magazine as a sign of appreciation + online magazine (blog) for continuous topicality, reach and commitment.

Employer branding strategy package

The foundation for successful employer branding: onboarding, target group and competitor analysis, focus groups, EVP and creative springboard.

Brand audit for SMEs

The TÜV for your brand. We analyse your image/brand and that of your competitors and explain the status and potential to you in a workshop.

Social Media Package Meta 2

More target group affinity, more visibility, more reach, more engagement - with 2 channel-specific posts per week on Instagram and Facebook.

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Further services

Hotel Marketing

With exceptional expertise in the hotel and tourism industry and an unreserved belief in the power of brand and design, we support you as critical analysts, experienced strategists, creative sparring partners and ambitious companions. We ensure that all parties involved and their services adapt to the ever faster changing behaviour of travellers and guests.

Belt & Road Initiative

Many companies fall short of their expectations when trying to expand into European markets. Don't underestimate the power of professional marketing communication. There is only one chance to impress your audience and create a reliable image. We understand the challenges of entering a new market. Our team is here to help you navigate this new reality. As your trusted partner, we will guide you from start to success.
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