A guest magazine at its best - on paper and online

Hotel Deimann

Passion and perfection on over 80 pages

BALLEYWASL has turned a four-times-a-year Postille into a twice-a-year entertaining magazine. With journalistic standards from full editorial work to print maturity. The 88 pages of the first issue take time to read - and it is picked up just as often. The positive reactions and increasing bookings to discreetly integrated triggers and editorially supported offers are proof of this.

It's all a question of text and design

The Hotel Deimann magazine has a modern design without denying the hotel's tradition. It whets the appetite and tastes for a stay and the experiences that await guests. Large images, crisp appetisers, in-depth stories and interviews correspond with attractive offers and packages. Facts & Figures are attractively presented with illustrations and infographics and appeal to readers on various levels.

Digital extension

The corporate publishing experts at BALLEYWASL | UNSTK are shifting everything that cannot be done on paper to the Internet. With DEIMANN ZEIT online, articles are enhanced with more images and video content, readers are invited to engage in dialogue, experiences are linked to bookable offers and enable the impact of content and sales promotion to be measured. Last but not least, the time between print editions is actively bridged with up-to-date content. A real success story that can be realised with the Fox Award in Gold was honoured.