WALD.WEIT Rheingau Hotel & Retreat

The customer

Nestled in the breathtaking scenery of the Hahnwald forest, TT 1884 Hospitality GmbH from Ingelheim takes discerning guests seeking relaxation, connoisseurs, active holidaymakers and culture lovers to an oasis of calm with the WALD.WEIT Rheingau Hotel & Retreat. A place where the symbiosis of nature, fine cuisine and cultural gems of the Rheingau touches the soul and inspires the mind.

The task

What was required was a vision that does not get lost in words, but speaks in experiences. Our task: to weave an image for WALD.WEIT that is as unique as the place itself. To create a brand that not only looks, but feels, breathes and lives - through excellent market analysis and a deep understanding of the architecture and philosophy of this place of power we have developed identity-creating features and communication modules for a comprehensive corporate design and a supporting information architecture. These form the basis for the future guest journey and experience communication in order to appeal to discerning guests, connoisseurs, active holidaymakers and individual holidaymakers. In addition, we have developed a Pre-Opening Website including blog as a central content hub until the final hotel website to accompany the construction phase and collect data and increase interest at an early stage.

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The challenge

How do you capture the magic of a place that is in perfect harmony with nature? Our path was lined with the task of translating the WALD.WEIT concept into design and communication, giving it a voice that reaches from the treetops of the Hahnwald forest to the depths of our guests' souls. This hotel, conceived as a place of power that is in perfect harmony with the forest, nature and the charm of the Rheingau, required a creative and sensitive approach to reflect its special character. At the same time, we had to develop a target group-specific approach that would cover a broad spectrum from discerning holidaymakers seeking relaxation to active holidaymakers and culture lovers. In addition, we had to develop an effective Pre-opening strategy with a Pre-The aim is to implement a website and blog to generate interest early on and build a community around the hotel project.


With a deep understanding of the WALD.WEIT concept, we developed a strategy that puts the beauty of the Rheingau region centre stage. A pre-opening website and a blog serve as a stage during the construction phase to tell the story of the development, arouse interest and build a community. Through lively storytelling, emotional imagery and captivating videos, we invite the world to be part of this development and experience a brand that tells real stories.

Future outlook

Our aim is to create a harmonious mix of analogue collateral and a digital presence for WALD.WEIT. This creates a consistently stylish experience throughout the entire guest journey. At all touchpoints from pre-arrival through the stay to post-stay and cross-selling with the other hotels in the group.