A tribute to the luxury hotel industry

Never before have so many hotel brands been launched as in recent years. Launching a new brand in the luxury segment on the German market is therefore anything but an easy task. As COO of Dorint, Jörg T. Böckeler was largely responsible for this, setting the goal of separating the Group's luxury hotels and positioning them appropriately. BALLEYWASL won the pitch and was awarded the contract for the corporate design, the corporate website, the hotel websites including content and the collateral setting.

The logo as a design element

Excitement in the fragment - the originator of the name gave the company the crest and had it securitised. The BALLEYWASL design team takes a playful approach to calligraphy and ensures modernity and visual impact through the use of fragments


A special mixture of curved handwriting and straightforward antiqua reflects the elegance of the houses. 


Thanks to the constantly changing design elements, each printed product has an individual appearance and yet still fits together to form a whole. 

ExpoReal brochure

User experience becomes guest experience

Right from the start, our aim was to create a special user experience. Digital storytelling, moving images, design elements and functionality are combined on the Hommage website to create a modern form of presentation with clearly defined impulses for measurable sales promotion.