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Magazine for the BVK - Bayerische Versorgungskammer

BVK Magazine

This is how hybrid content marketing works. The magazine of the BVK, the Bavarian Chamber of Pension Funds, offers relevant and informative content on the topic of supplementary pensions. The BALLEYWASL content team developed a hybrid magazine to reach around 1.6 million insured persons in Bavaria and Rhineland-Palatinate.

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Concept, reading, design and realisation

We start with the concept: kick-off at an editorial conference. A topic plan and sections are created. This is followed by the structure and planned scope. Now the graphic designers come in, start with the editorial design, develop the look and feel of the magazine and collate everything in a style guide. At the same time, the editors are already at work, drafting the first articles. The content gradually flows in. The first issue of the magazine is created and a milestone in marketing communication for BVK - the Bavarian Chamber of Pension Funds.    

The online magazine - the digital extension

1.6 million insured persons should have access to the content, and not just once a year. At the same time, aspects of sustainability and costs play a role. Our solution: the digital version of the magazine, reader-friendly with a responsive design for mobile devices, tablets and laptops. The advantage: 24/7 availability, the smallest possible CO2 footprint and the ability to publish important topics at any time. Want to read a sample? Then please here click. 

Informative and sustainable

As a large supplementary pension fund with around 1.6 million insured persons, we attach great importance to sustainable solutions. That's why we followed the recommendation of BALLEYWASL | UNSTK and opted for a hybrid magazine. This allows us to massively reduce our carbon footprint and share information with our policyholders more quickly and directly in the online magazine.

Susanne Sternefeld, Deputy Head of Marketing and Communication, BVK Bayerische Versorgungskammer - Kommunales Versorgungswesen

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