Profol Recruiting Campaign

The customer

At the heart of innovation, where ideas meet reality, is Profol GmbH. A global player that is not only a leader in the production of polypropylene cast films and lightweight composites, but also excels in the art of sustainability. Profol, known for its innovative solutions ranging from recyclable yoghurt pots to applications in the automotive and solar industries, not only pursues the approach of standard solutions, but also supports its customers from the idea to the realisation. Our mission: to showcase this innovative strength and sustainable philosophy through a customised HR recruiting campaign that puts authenticity and humanity in the spotlight.

The task

Working closely with Profol, we developed a campaign that dug deeper than usual: we wanted to reach the hearts of potential applicants by putting the real heroes behind the scenes - the employees - front and centre. Our mission: to showcase the meaningful and team-oriented work at Profol, recognising each employee as a key contributor to the success of the whole.

The challenge

The biggest challenge was to capture the authentic working environment and the dynamics of the Profol teams without disrupting day-to-day operations. The aim was to create a perfect symbiosis of real insights and professional presentation in order to paint a true picture of Profol as a workplace.

The approach

With a finely tuned sense for the essentials, we developed a concept that led to a lively campaign in close coordination with the Profol employees. By producing authentic content at various locations and creating two master image videos, we created a social media campaign that not only informs, but also inspires and invites. Our campaign is a window into the world of Profol, through which we capture the spirit of the company and share it with the world.

Future outlook

We have big plans for 2024: Expanding our campaign to include trainees and dual students. With specially tailored content, we want to open the doors to endless opportunities at Profol for young talents. By focussing on the individual interests and needs of this target group, we are firmly anchoring Profol in their minds as the place where careers not only start, but where dreams become reality.