seemaxx Fashion Outlet

The customer

Located in idyllic Radolfzell on Lake Constance, the seemaxx Outlet Centre is taking on the challenge of increasing its brand awareness and visitor numbers. Together with KINTYRE, our partner in real estate investments, we are striving to establish the centre as a lively meeting place that attracts customers beyond the town's borders.

The task

To increase brand awareness in the Lake Constance region and neighbouring Switzerland in order to ensure direct and effective communication through social media, social media ads and newsletter marketing. We will soon be expanding our strategy to include channels such as WhatsApp to intensify our interaction and reach.

After just a few weeks, the measures are already increasing Instagram and Facebook follower numbers and engagement, followed by from a measurable increase of the Footfall. Our Scope: Organic Social Media, Paid Social Media (post push and dark ads), community management

The challenges

The challenge was to build a bridge between the digital world and the physical shopping experience to ensure a coherent and comprehensive approach. Regional and timed events had to be seamlessly integrated into our digital communication channels to effectively address the diversity of our target groups. 

Our aim was to develop a varied and appealing marketing concept that highlights the centre's strengths and offers something for everyone.

The approach

We began with a strategic reorganisation of the social media channels, placing particular emphasis on the tonality, the imagery and the added value for our users. At the same time, we refreshed the displays in the outlet centre and developed new touchpoints. Targeted social media ads and the implementation of events in the centre strengthened the connection to our customers and intensified the brand experience of the seemaxx outlet centre.


Our concept: the efficient interplay of classic marketing measures with social media. In conjunction with two lighthouse events for different target groups, planning, pre-event promotion, on-site on-event fulfilment and post-event measures. The result: two successful events as highlights of the current year. With a clearly measurable increase in purchases and receipts on the days of the events and a positive after-effect through the acquisition of new customer data.  

Attractive and recognisable: highlight icons and theme stickers

Our graphic designers know that small things often make a big difference and therefore need a lot of attention and love. Both can be found in the graphic details with which the seemaxx fashion outlet positions itself stylishly and skilfully. 

In-house display screens

The in-house displays have been given a new look and extend the design already established by social media. Visitors and customers receive tips on special offers, are informed about the benefits of VIP membership and are invited to take part in competitions. They are also given tips on how to end the day after a shopping spree at seemaxx in the city centre, which is within walking distance. 

Future outlook

We are focussing on strategically developing digital touchpoints. This includes the introduction of an effective newsletter system, the implementation of a digital CRM and the introduction of digital VIP invitations to create more exclusive customer loyalty. These steps are crucial to deepening the customer relationship and continuously improving and modernising the customer experience at the seemaxx outlet centre.