Social media campaign for influencer marketing suite

The customer

In the arena of digital marketing, IROIN® Influencer Marketing Suite - A Masterpiece by CrowdArchitects GmbH shines as a jewel of technology that has been honed specifically for corporations and medium-sized companies. Equipped with AI-supported functions such as "AI Search" and "AI Writer", this platform offers a bridge between brands and their target group, optimised through precise and efficient campaign management.

The task

Our mission was to demystify the entry into influencer marketing for newcomers and to strengthen IROIN's brand image through creative campaigns. The client's goal is to generate leads and new customers. Our concept: Development of a communication strategy, optimisation of the landing pages, development of several ad creatives for social advertising with traffic campaigns on LinkedIn and Meta.

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The challenge

The key to success was to make the entry into the platform as seamless and welcoming as a home harbour. Given IROIN's rich functionality, it was crucial to create a user interface that offered both the depth of the ocean and the accessibility of a calm harbour. With the launch of a freemium version, we have set sail to reveal the treasures of IROIN to new explorers, increasing adoption and fuelling the waves of enthusiasm.

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The approach

After carefully analysing the stars - or rather, data-driven insights - we realigned our visual language and approach. Our compass pointed clearly towards more direct, targeted communications that allowed us to dive deep into the hearts and minds of our target audience. By using creative content and exploring the most effective messages, we sparked a campaign that not only identified the most effective ways to communicate, but also maximised IROIN's reach and resonated with our target audience.

Future outlook

With the expert advice and guidance of CrowdArchitects GmbH, we achieved impressive results within eight months. Together, we not only increased brand awareness, but also set in motion a tidal wave of lead generation that put IROIN on the influencer marketing map as a pioneer.