Employer branding 25 years ago?
Really now?

No joke: we were already developing employer branding solutions for our clients before the turn of the millennium. We just didn't know it was called that back then. One extraordinary and memorable project is a video for Kempinski Hotels & Resorts. Under the leadership of CEO Reto Wittwer, the fast-growing luxury group was pioneering in many respects and we at BALLEYWASL were able to accompany Kempinski on this journey.

The reason: Kempinski was growing fast. Even back then, there weren't enough skilled workers in Germany, so the search was on internationally for people who wanted to put their heart and soul into looking after the well-being of discerning guests - in service, in the kitchen, in administration. The idea: we show these people and simply let them tell us what they do. In this way, we make interested parties curious about jobs and careers, increase the number of applicants, the closing rate and at the same time increase retention.

That's exactly what we did. We organised an international casting call for interested parties to apply in a selfie video. The special thing about it: There were no smartphones with cameras back then, so we had to use good old VHS tapes. From 25 applications, each more entertaining than the last, we selected the best. We hired Roberto Fischer and Hippo-TV, one of the best documentary filmmakers, and sent him and his wife Alka around the world as producers. Equipped with a concept and script from BALLEYWASL, with modern, handy equipment and several flight tickets.

The filming schedule included destinations such as Istanbul, Beijing, Ajman, Estepona, Dresden and Munich. The trip was hosted by the marvellous Katharine de Fontaine, combined with the original statements of the ambassadors and protagonists, some of whom are still shaping the success of the hotel brands.

Admittedly, the Video is far too long by today's standards, but even back then, good moving images made all the difference. So get down to business, take stock and invest: in a convincing concept and in the comprehensive expertise of the BALLEYWASL | UNSTK employer branding team. Find out more in our Expertise section Employer branding.

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