BALLEYWASL | UNSTK develops magazine for the insured of the Bayerische Versorgungskammer 

The BVK supplementary pension scheme is one of twelve public-law pension organisations under the umbrella of the Bayerische Versorgungskammer (BVK). It is the largest company pension scheme for the municipal public and church-charitable service in Bavaria and the former administrative district of Palatinate. The supplementary pension scheme is now going on the offensive with a magazine for its members. The content and digital agency BALLEYWASL | UNSTK impressed the BVK's marketing team and board with a hybrid approach consisting of a print and online magazine. They developed a format that picks up policyholders of all generations in an informative and entertaining way.

Better information supply through hybrid magazine 

"Best secured" is the title of the BVK supplementary pension magazine, emphasising the USP and claim of the BVK supplementary pension. With the magazine, Head of Department Kerstin Ippisch and Marketing Manager Susanne Sternefeld want to address topics primarily on a value level: The different perspectives of young and old on life and the future or tips for a good work-life balance. 

"Launching a new title is a particularly exciting task," says Albert Wasl, Managing Director at BALLEYWASL | UNSTK. "Especially when it's a hybrid content format in digital and print." Even if there are already content considerations and a briefing with editorial guidelines, the 'look & feel' of the magazine still needs to be developed. The agency makes a clear statement: the magazine must be a pleasure to browse through and read. Relevant topics, good design and linguistic quality are the success factors. 

Content marketing must not be a one-way street 

As part of the trusting collaboration between BVK and BALLEYWASL | UNSTK, it was agreed to extend the print edition digitally. "Print is the freestyle, digital is the duty," is the credo of Florian Söllner, Head of Digital & Social Media at UNSTK. lnformation timing, reach and engagement cannot be represented in analogue form. "Content marketing should not be a one-way street, but should activate dialogue in order to learn what moves the community," says Söllner. "Or have you ever put a smiley face or comment under a printed article, scanned it and sent it to the publisher?"  

Digital platform for the BVK Zusatzversorgung magazine 

With the BVK Zusatzversorgung magazine has been given a digital platform for storytelling and value communication and can now further expand the relationship between the insurer and its policyholders in collaboration with the agency. Albert Wasl, Susanne Kayser, Katrin Schirmer, Kirsten Wenzel, Anja Hummel and Florian Söllner and their team realised the project.