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MG Motor Germany - to the top in just three years

The customer

MG was in British hands until 2005. Following the insolvency of the MG Rover Group in 2005, the Chinese group of companies SAIC Motor from Shanghai acquired the brand. From around 3,000 new cars sold in 2007, sales in its own country increased significantly to over 450,000 units in 2021. Sales under its own name in Germany then began in January 2021. MG Motor is known for the MG3, MG4, MG5, MG ZS and Marvel R models. With the Cyberster, MG is building on the brand's heritage in its 100th anniversary year and is launching the first all-electric roadster on the German market with the Cybester. 

MG is currently by far the most successful Chinese brand in Germany. In 2023, over 21,000 vehicles were sold in Germany, with a market share of an extremely respectable 0.7 per cent and year-on-year sales growth of 35.4 per cent.

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The task

BALLEYWASL | UNSTK has the creative lead for content and for the strategic development of MG Motor Germany's social media channels on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Our task is to use the potential of social media to tell the story of the MG Motor brand throughout its entire lifeline, from its heritage as a British sports car manufacturer to the innovative manufacturer of modern vehicles with hybrid and electric drives. The core areas of awareness, followers, engagement and community are balanced with a mix of visually appealing posts and interactive campaigns. Data-driven insights curate the resonant and sustainable relationship between MG Motor and its target groups.

The challenge

The dynamics of the market keep us on our toes, but our adapted communication strategy has taken root and is celebrated by the community. By intensifying the dialogue, we transform feedback into vibrant content that is tailored to the wishes of our target group.

In our latest initiative, we have introduced a fresh, vibrant imagery for MG Motor Germany that aims to revolutionise visual communication on social media. This new visual language is not only a feast for the eyes, but also reflects the brand's innovative strength and forward-thinking spirit. With a palette of high-resolution images ranging from the dynamics of the vehicles to the finest design features, we aim to create a visual narrative that is both engaging and informative.

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The approach

Our compass in this journey is a deep market analysis paired with an intuitive understanding of user needs. Through targeted community management and attentive social listening, we have not only increased the brand awareness of MG Motor Germany, but also promoted organic growth in follower numbers. We respond to the voice of our community and strengthen the brand in the digital world by laying a foundation for continued engagement and brand loyalty.

Interaction with our community is at the centre of our social media strategy. We believe in building an active, engaged online community where every follower becomes part of the MG Motor family. Through regular Q&A sessions, interactive polls and the inclusion of user-generated content, we encourage open dialogue and a strong bond between the brand and its followers. This strategy not only allows us to gather and respond to valuable feedback, but also to cultivate a loyal fan base that actively participates in brand development.

Future outlook

Since February 2023, we at BALLEYWASL & UNSTK have been orchestrating the social media channels of MG Motor Germany. Our goal: to maximise the brand's digital footprint and establish a dynamic, interactive community. We rely on innovative social media strategies to increase brand awareness and create authentic brand loyalty. Our approach is not only to intensify the love brand through storytelling, engagement and targeted content creation, but also to promote concrete lead generation.

Our sights are set on the horizon of new opportunities. With an innovative expansion of our social media strategy, we are striving for continuous fan growth, increased interaction and strengthened brand loyalty for MG Motor Germany. By utilising new technologies and creating creative content, we aim to establish the brand as a leader in electric mobility and build a loyal fan base that actively participates in the development of the brand.