Employer branding for a public-sector company

Welcome to the institution

About IT girls and public law nerds

If the company name includes the term "institution", motivated and dynamic employees don't necessarily bite. If you have a healthy self-confidence and don't take yourself too seriously, but take the matter very seriously, then this dusty term suddenly takes on a radiance. It was precisely this courage that we demanded from the AKDB and organised a casting call for motivated employees who love their job at the AKDB and enjoy telling people that they work at the "institution". The result was a campaign in which the public company neither hides nor bends, but instead displays a surprising freshness. Thank you, dear "Anstalt" employees, for your great participation.

Honoured with the FOX Award in silver

When words paint pictures in the mind

Bold, eye-catching and unconventional - with a wink. That's what it takes to create strong texts that make more out of an image. We have not hesitated for a moment to break up the rather conventional wording.   

They are just letters

When a public-sector company fights for the same talent as well-known automotive or technology companies, it is an unequal battle in terms of remuneration and hygiene factors. The battle for attention, on the other hand, can be won: with courage and a powerful wink.

Albert Wasl, Founder and Managing Director BALLEYWASL | UNSTK

Visual Content Production: Photo production

The photo production took place on the premises of AKDB and lasted two days: from trainees to sales managers, the different professional groups were photographed with their representatives and ambassadors. The team: photographer, assistant, hair/make-up, art direction, customer service. Together with the team led by marketing manager Wolfram Weisse, wonderful, likeable photos were taken for the campaign and HR communication.