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What is content marketing?

Content Marketing is a multi-faceted marketing strategy that enables companies to reach their target groups directly and effectively. By providing relevant, informative and entertaining content such as blog posts, videos, e-books and infographics, it enables companies to build trust and relationships with potential customers. As part of inbound marketing, content marketing focuses on creating content that is actively sought and found by prospects, as opposed to traditional outbound methods such as banner ads or adverts.

Content marketing with BALLEYWASL

Content marketing encompasses a diverse list of measures. It ranges from words to images and videos to explanatory films and from blogs to magazines to podcasts. Your goals, your target group and your budget determine the marketing strategy. As an agency, we support you as director and producer: we are responsible for the central theme, ensure the consistently high quality of the content and implement the marketing measures with our own expertise and the best partners. So you canöAs an agency, we can promise you impact and top performance.

Is content marketing essential?

We answer the question with a counter-question: Do you want your company to not just swim along in the digital world, but to lead the wave? Content marketing is the key to this. It makes your brand stand out from the digital ocean of competitors. Content marketing is more than just advertising; it's a finely tuned strategy that puts your messages front and centre and resonates with your target audience. By using content marketing, you give your company a decisive competitive advantage. It is the decisive step that will make your company stand out from the crowd and take it to the top.

That's what matters


What do we want to communicate?

Target group

Who do we want to reach?


How and where do we achieve our goals?


What sets us apart from the others?


Objectives in content marketing

Content marketing focuses primarily on the following three main objectives: Increasing brand awareness, building trust and credibility, and increasing lead generation and conversions. These strategic goals are crucial for long-term business success. 

Effective content marketing makes your brand more visible and credible, which creates the basis for strong customer loyalty. At the same time, it actively supports the acquisition of new customers and promotes measurable business success.

"Content marketing is not a sprint, but a long-distance run - it's about building long-term relationships, not making quick sales."

WAY of Work

Content marketing strategy

A successful content marketing strategy forms the backbone of any modern marketing endeavour, using targeted and valuable content to increase brand awareness and establish lasting customer relationships 


Content marketing: why it counts

Content marketing plays a central role in the modern business world, as it effectively reaches new target groups in a performance-orientated way and strengthens existing relationships, often without being perceived as a direct marketing activity. It therefore not only promotes customer acquisition and retention, but also increases brand awareness and image. As a result, high-quality content creates a positive association with the brand, which in turn fosters trust and loyalty

BRanded STorytelling

Your story on all channels - analogue and digital

Texts, videos, images, blogs, magazines, social media, SEA/SEO, newsletters ... the list of content marketing measures is long. The goal, the target group and the budget determine their use. As directors, we are responsible for the central theme and the quality, as producers we implement everything - with our own expertise and with the best partners in Munich locally and nationwide. So you get what you pay for: Top performance and impact.  

The content strategy is part of the communication strategy. It contributes to the big picture or tests experimentally how a target group reacts. It supports sales and reinforces the message. It sets goals and KPIs and makes the resulting measures measurable.

Well-crafted content has a physiological and psychological effect. Successful stories are emotional and touch the heart. They leave a good gut feeling and ensure that the head says yes. To a product, a service, an attitude or a job offer.

Good design can only be effective if it is carefully thought out and contributes to the content marketing strategy. Layout, colours, shapes, images, graphics, typography ... everything plays around the stories and makes them successful. Analogue and digital. employers. The Increase in global transparency also applies to employers.

SEO (search engine optimisation) improves the visibility of a website in search engines. By optimising content and technology, the website is placed higher in the search results, which leads to more organic traffic.

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Content Marketing

Magazine development, editorial design, journalistic editing, digital extension to online magazine

Insured magazine for Bayerische Versorgungskammer

Magazine development, corporate publishing, editing, design, visual content production (photo and film), digital extension

New guest magazine for Hotel Deimann

We recommend us

It was a bit of everything: a premonition, entrepreneurial skill and a strategic move. Today, we are one of the well-known and successful brand and marketing agencies that combine this expertise with a Expert unit perfectly into the service portfolio integrated have.  

As holistically thinking and specialised agency, we know that concerted and integrated marketing communication is a clear Guidance needs. Exactly this Lead expertise is what you can expect from us. Our processes guarantee that all measures are optimally interlinked. This is ensured by specialists such as strategists, consultants, concept developers, copywriters, designers and project managers.

When working together with BALLEYWASL you can therefore rely on experts and synergetic networking with specialists at all times. Regardless of whether they come from our network or belong to your pool of service providers. As a result, you benefit from Single point of contactBecause we keep an eye on the big picture for you and ensure that you can always rely on the best performance in all disciplines so that your investment brings the desired success.

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