A method for a successful employer brand

Companies are in a constant battle for the best employees, the so-called #WarforTalents. This competition for talent has changed with demographic change and the expectations and demands of the Generation Y and Z drastically intensified. As a result, potential employees are being courted intensively and digital job boards have become external marketplaces that use salary analyses and other benchmarks to put prospective employees in an advantageous position. A study conducted by EY in 2022 shows that 61 per cent of millennials are open to a new employer. According to the study, 21 per cent are even actively looking for a new job. The Working atmosphere is the most important criterion for 58 per cent and is in first place ahead of salary (50 per cent) and work-life balance (50 per cent).

What is employer branding?

The term Employer branding describes a special marketing strategy that aims to establish a company as an attractive employer brand. Various marketing concepts are used to raise the company's profile and differentiate it from its competitors. Overall, employer branding serves two goals: the Employee recruitment and the long-term Employee retention (retention). Accordingly, employer branding can be used along the entire employer journey from recruitment to departure. 

The EVP - Employer Value Proposition

In the competition for the best employees, employer branding - the development and profiling of an attractive employer brand - is becoming increasingly important. As an employer branding agency in Munich, we know the DNA of the employer to decode the data in order to arrive at a value position via analyses and a EVP -  Employer Value Proposition to achieve this. This is the central element in the development of an employer brand. In close collaboration with HR marketing and brand management, we are guided by this in all activities such as the Photo and video productionthe Career pagethe Campaignse.g. in social media and for appearances on Job and career fairs.

That's what matters


What do
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Where do
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Who suits us
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What does
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Attract and retain employees

On the one hand, employer branding serves the Extraction new employees, on the other hand it serves the long-term Binding of all employees of a company.

The marketing strategy is therefore inwards and outwardsso that internal and external effects are linked.

The effects external to the company relate to the Recruiting and include all measures that the Extraction new employees. The internal company effects, on the other hand, relate to the long-term Employee retentionwhich is accompanied by an increase in satisfaction, productivity and effectiveness.

Every brand, every person and every company is positioned and differentiates itself based on certain characteristics. Whether intentionally or unintentionally - if you don't position yourself, you will be positioned. It is no different with employers."

WAY of Work

Employer branding process

As an employer branding agency from Munich, our solutions are as flexible as your initial situation and requirements. That's why we offer various Modules and either guide you through the entire process, or we take over parts of it and coach your employees so that they can take on the subsequent tasks.

Why is employer branding so important?

Studies show that numerous German companies are experiencing problems in Recruiting have. Around 48 per cent are unable to fill vacancies in the long term. In the Middle class around 59 per cent of vacancies remain unfilled. Traditional job adverts, active sourcing and the like do not always lead to the desired success. The Employer brandingthat transforms a company into an attractive employer brand, on the other hand, is particularly effective in the areas of recruiting and employee retention. Positive effect

Influencing factors

Socio-political drivers

In the 21st century, Germany and Europe are faced with the task of coping with major changes brought about by drivers such as climate change, globalisation, digitalisation and Demography These topics are the relevant social drivers that companies need to adapt their strategy and marketing to in order to be or remain successful. As an employer branding agency, we have all of these drivers on our radar when it comes to optimisation 

Every generation shapes our society and therefore the labour market. In the 80s, the large number of jobseekers Baby boomersthen the MillenialsGEN Y, which is the Individualism and attaches importance to their personal development, and now the meaningful GEN Z with great self-confidence. 

This term for the competition between companies for so-called High potentialsillustrates the fact that in the age of an increasingly globalised and digitalised working world, highly qualified employees are becoming an important and scarce resource for companies.

Steadily growing Digitalisation and globalisation have an impact on the world of work. Rarely has it been so easy for employees, job seekers and applicants, Insights into the way things work at different employers. The Increase in global transparency also applies to employers.

For employees, the design of the working environment is not only the Leadership culture and the Working atmosphere an important aspect that has an impact on well-being and inner drive. So-called Hygiene factors is no longer enough. The overall package is what counts. This is exactly where a strategically developed employer brand comes into play. 

Proven Experts

Our references as an agency in the field of
Employer branding

Concept, creative concept, visual content production (photo), career page, campaign assets

Employer branding for the AKDB

Campaign conception, creation, visual content production (photo and video), campaign planning, roll-out

Recruiting campaign for Profol

Generation change

Two generations are significantly influencing the transformation of the economy and the world of work, fuelling the war for talent and demanding more than just hygiene factors from employers.



As Digital Natives Generation Y is very tech- and internet-savvy. They are very curious by nature and question the traditional, both in their private and professional lives. They question hierarchies and strive for self-determination instead.

Flexible working hours, home office or mobile working? Should be possible - at least that's what Generation Y thinks. In order to enjoy these benefits, millennials are prepared to fill some of their free time with work. Between work and private life, Generation Y is therefore none This is what fundamentally distinguishes them from Generation X (1965-1979) and the Baby Boomers (1946-1964).



Compared to the millennials, the Generation Z more structure in everyday life again. Away from the work-life balance, towards the Work-life separation. After the 9-to-5 working day, free time is the order of the day - and this is sacred to Gen Z. While millennials still proudly talk about further training to broaden their professional horizons, digital natives 2.0 are more interested in urban gardening, for example, or the Instagram channel. A career is an important topic as long as it doesn't have too much of an impact on your private life. That's why for many Z's a Management position rather out of the question. The desire for Self-realisation and free development is at the top of the list for this generation.

Decoding the DNA

From the EPP to the Code of Culture

The value proposition

A successful employer branding strategy is based on active identification with the company. The aim is to build up a valuable basis of trust with your own employees and to develop their intrinsic motivation. The employer value proposition (literally: the employer's promise of benefits to its employees) successfully harmonises needs and values in order to strengthen the brand and the company.

The EPP is a management summary

The EVP - Employer Value Proposition - is a compact and condensed summary of the values that the company is committed to. A statement whose choice of words is often a struggle and which ideally fits on one sheet of paper would not be understood or even misinterpreted by many employees without an explanation of its derivation. At the same time, it is a statement that the C-level board unanimously agrees with so that assertions become tangible reality.

Code of Culture

The Code of Culture is the comprehensible decoding of the EPP. It contains comprehensibly formulated information about the ideas, values and methods shared within the company, with which interaction within and outside the company should take place. It does not contain any detailed procedural rules that restrict individuality, creativity and personal problem-solving skills.

We recommend us

We have our expertise in employer branding Long before the war for talent built up. It was a bit of everything: a premonition, entrepreneurial skill and a strategic move. Today, we are one of the well-known and successful brand and marketing agencies that combine this expertise with a Expert unit perfectly into the service portfolio integrated have.  

As holistically thinking and specialised As an employer branding agency, we know that concerted and integrated marketing communication is a clear Guidance needs. Exactly this Lead expertise is what you can expect from us. Our processes guarantee that all measures are optimally interlinked. This is ensured by specialists such as strategists, consultants, concept developers, copywriters, designers and project managers.

When working together with BALLEYWASL you can therefore rely on experts and synergetic networking with specialists at all times. Regardless of whether they come from our network or belong to your pool of service providers. As a result, you benefit from Single point of contactBecause we keep an eye on the big picture for you and ensure that you can always rely on the best performance in all disciplines so that your investment brings the desired success.

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