Brand strategy, brand design and brand communication


Strategy and excellent design

Brands differentiate companies, products and institutions from one another. They emphasise the differences in competition. Brands convey identity and provide orientation. They show character and personality and ensure recognisability in a highly competitive environment. A brand must fulfil this quality both digitally and analogue. This applies to B2B, B2C, as well as NGOs, foundations and associations. 

Digital drives the pace

The lifecycles of brand designs are getting shorter, adjustments to the fast-moving economy and the constant battle for attention are being declared a facelift. Those who do not have to change the signage on and in buildings are implementing a new design at record speed. The reason: the overwhelming majority of a brand's touch points are digital. This is both an opportunity and a risk. We think: no actionism, better to exercise care and foresight. 

Development & implementation of brand communication

We develop and implement in the modernisation of the market presence and corporate design, strategic realignment, e.g. in the event of growth, internationalisation, a merger or a generational change, in the visualisation and implementation of brand values and a purpose, in the redesign and relaunch of your communication modules from digital to analogue, in optimising the brand experience along all touch points.

That's what matters


Research and insights, positioning, brand core and values, creative springboard, communication concept


Brand name, claim, message, key wording, tone of voice, narrative, branded storytelling


Logo design, colour spectrum, typography, visual language, icon style, design language, illustrations


Architecture, signage, interior design, materials, in-store VKF, exhibition stand, moving image, UX

Love and passion

Made with Passion, Power and Love

We prefer to work for companies that have a personality or a soul. For owner-managed companies, for family businesses, for courageous designers, innovators and doers. For them, we are a partner at eye level, an empathetic driver and a creative team player.   

We believe in the power of collaboration: in supporting each other and growing with the challenges. We combine strategic and creative expertise to develop trend-setting brand communication. Together with our clients, we create results that are relevant, make sense and inspire people. This is how we realise the potential of companies and their products and services. 

Every brand, every person and every company is positioned and differentiates itself based on certain characteristics. We stage and profile brands with empathy, strategy, aesthetic design expertise and a lot of feeling.

WAY of Work

Our brand design process

Our solutions are as flexible as your initial situation and requirements. That's why we offer various Modules and either guide you through the entire brand design process or start where you currently stand.    
Design follows strategy

Structure and sequence of brand communication

We see companies and organisations as individual characters. Their character traits form the corporate identity. This can be experienced through the visual appearance (corporate design), the language (tone of voice) and the behaviour of its stakeholders (corporate behaviour). The brand and brand design are reflected in the self-image, values and purpose of a company.

Workshop to define the brand profile:

  • Definition of identity, brand and design
  • Brand essence, brand goals and values
  • Brand relevance, target groups and competition
  • Brand tonality, self-image and desired external image
  • Communication channels and corporate design requirements

Brand essence

  • Value proposition, unique selling proposition

Brand values

  • Type and nature of services and products, attitude

Brand relevance

  • Market position, target groups, competition, mission/purpose

Brand tonality

  • Emotional charge, impression and messages

The basic elements of corporate design:

  • Word/figurative mark (logo/ signet)
  • Colouring, colour climate
  • Typography, fonts, type kits
  • Style elements such as shapes, icons, infographics, pictograms
  • Visual language for photos and moving images

Implementation and documentation in the brand book and style guide

  • Business stationery from business cards and e-mail signatures to presentation design
  • Digital media such as website, newsletter and social media
  • Print media such as brochures, annual reports, magazines, product information
  • Analogue and digital displays, for products and personnel

Why is a strong brand so important?

Brands offer orientation and security. This applies to FMCG - Fast Moving Consumer Goods and services as well as B2B and capital goods. Studies clearly show that customers almost always choose to contact companies with a professional image because it is a sign of self-confidence and success.   

Investing in a professional brand presence also has a positive impact on employee recruitment, as every interested party and candidate not only uses the careers page or external HR platforms, but also looks at the company as a whole. You can find out more here. 

Proven Experts

Our references as an agency in the field of
Brand communication

Brand strategy, brand architecture, corporate values, brand book, implementation, website relaunch, values communication

Brand development for Profol

Brand development, style guide, event communication, pre-opening website, visual content production (photo), investor brochure

Brand development for WALD.WEIT Hotel & Retreat

We recommend us

We accompany you through the entire process of brand development or re-branding. We have been doing this for 35 years and have rebranded many a company. We have always combined this with professional style consulting, which we develop on the basis of analyses, company and customer insights and surveys. have worked out. That's why the brands from our atelier always fit like a glove. Our goal: all stakeholders from the owner to shareholders, employees, partners and customers should honour and love the brand. 

However, the life cycle of brand design has shortened with the ever faster development of the economy and digital structures. Adaptations that reflect the spirit of the times are often opportune and are sometimes only noticed by the experienced. Others flirt with it and capitalise on the effect. You have something to show and tell again. 

Are you planning a facelift for your brand and market presence? Then talk to us and let us find out if we are a good fit. 

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