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Reach plays a key role in marketing because it shows us how many people we can reach with our social media posts - whether through organic reach or paid advertising. Through targeted targeting, we not only improve the number but also the quality of our followers. This enables us to significantly increase brand awareness. More repeat contacts and the use of the right content promote awareness of the brand and increase the number of followers. This increases engagement and purchases and attracts more and more qualified applications in the area of employer branding.


Engagement in social media measures how actively people interact with content. A healthy engagement rate on platforms such as Instagram ranges between 1% and 5%. This comparison with traditional direct marketing measures shows the enormous potential that social media marketing harbours. One major advantage is the ability to track all interactions in real time and thus obtain transparent data. The algorithm is constantly learning - and the more targeted the content it is provided with, the more effective it becomes.

Community Management

Community management is a central component of social media marketing. It encompasses the maintenance, management and development of dialogue within an online community on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. The more polarised a product or service becomes, the more important good community management becomes. It is crucial that the company's attitude and language are communicated authentically and selected carefully. This creates authenticity and builds trust.

Social Listening

Social listening involves identifying, analysing and evaluating mentions and conversations on the internet that relate to your company. This can relate to the brand itself, products, competitors or the entire industry. An important part of this is sentiment analysis in social media, which captures the mood behind statements such as tweets or comments. This provides a clear picture of the public perception of a brand, company or product.

Personal branding

In social media, people follow and trust other people. So if you dare to actively communicate as a personality, you create added value both for yourself and for the company you work for. By showing yourself and expressing your opinion, you gain attention and position yourself as an expert in your field. This makes you an ambassador or even an opinion leader.


Social media performance marketing aims to generate leads and boost sales. Through targeted call-to-action elements in posts, users are directed to a landing page, for example, where they are encouraged to fill out a contact form or sign up for the newsletter through further touchpoints and CTAs. In this way, a simple reaction to a social media post can lead to long-term contact. It is important to note that performance marketing is based on paid advertising and requires a corresponding budget.

Framework for the social media strategy

Target group

Who should be addressed?


What goals should and can be achieved?


What content and formats can be used to achieve these goals?

Channel selection

Which platform, which channels are suitable for achieving the goals?

"Social media is about people. It's not about what you produce, but about the stories you tell, why and with what conviction and passion you do it. So it's more about sociology and psychology than technology."

WAY of Work

Our social media process

Our process for social media content shows how we work with you to plan, create, distribute, measure and optimise - all with the aim of successfully presenting your brand in the digital space.

This process defines how we proceed from the initial idea to publication and success monitoring, taking everything into account: From responsibilities and roles to quality standards and every single step needed to turn an idea into compelling content that benefits your brand and image.

Always on the pulse

"The only constant in the universe is change."


A successful social media presence requires attention not only to your own presence, but also to the activities of your competitors and technological trends. Comprehensive and regular analyses are therefore essential. They make it possible to continuously optimise your own strategy by identifying opportunities, minimising risks and securing an advantage in digital competition. By keeping an eye on trends and competitors, you can strengthen your position in the market and build sustainable success in social media.

When using social media, it is crucial to recognise trends at an early stage in order to decide how they can contribute to achieving your own goals. Adapting to new developments with foresight allows you to dynamically shape your own social media strategy and set yourself apart from the competition. By utilising current trends, you can address your target group more effectively and strengthen your online presence. 

Social media exert an enormous influence on our everyday lives - a potential that we use to our advantage. These platforms offer us the unique opportunity to communicate directly and effectively with our target group, set trends and shape opinions. By strategically utilising the power of social media, we strengthen our online presence, encourage engagement and build a strong brand identity.

Social media have brought about a significant change in values in our society. They emphasise the growing importance of networking and cooperation, which are promoted by social networks. Embracing this shift allows us to build deeper and more meaningful connections, strengthen community and ultimately maximise success on social media.

Proven Experts

Our references in the area of social media

Content strategy, social media strategy, channel development and expansion, community management, social listening, sales literature

Content and social media for MG Motor

Strategy, refresh design, social media campaign, community management, event conception and realisation

Campaigns for seemaxx Outlet Centre

Social media for B2C and B2B

Social media has long since become an established advertising medium. Precisely because it is about messages from people for people, the boundaries between private and business are becoming blurred. The algorithm and targeting ensure that people are shown what might be of interest. On hobbies, on professional topics, on the stage of life. Anyone who understands this can turn social media into a highly efficient part of the communication mix. 


Consumer products can be categorised very well: From FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) to purchasing decisions with a long-lasting impact. The following considerations should always be made in the B2C context:

  • Analyse on which platforms the target group is represented.
  • Analyse what efforts the closest competitors are making.
  • For internationally active companies, analyse how neighbouring countries from the same cultural area are performing.
  • Which learnings and, if applicable, which niche strategies result from the analyses.

We use social listening to find out what customers and competitors are saying about products and services. Reputation is indispensable in the age of customer review portals.

We use these findings to develop a social media strategy that ideally forms part of the overall marketing strategy.


The use of social media is changing. Companies are already omnipresent on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook & Co - sometimes obviously and directly, sometimes supported by influencers. Users are open to a wide range of content as long as it is presented in an appealing way.

A successful social media strategy is based on the following criteria:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of the target group and their channel-specific usage behaviour.
  • Selection of social media channels, tailored to the budget and in line with the usage behaviour of the target group.
  • Development of a content strategy that offers content with added value.
  • Sufficient budget to ensure continuity and build a community.

    Without a strategy, you lack clear goals and KPIs. Without goals and KPIs, you cannot measure or celebrate your success.


Today, social media is a complex challenge that goes far beyond the occasional post. That's why we have pooled all our social media expertise in the special unit UNSTK centralised. A team of digital natives and smart representatives of generations Y and Z work under the leadership of Florian Söllner. They bring a deep understanding and a natural affinity for the success of our customers.

In collaboration with the experts from BALLEYWASL we develop integrated strategies, communication concepts and campaigns. These combine many years of marketing and brand understanding with digital and social media expertise to create an effective formula. This strategy achieves results for consumer goods, in the B2B sector and in employer branding.

When working with BALLEYWASL | UNSTK you benefit from the synergetic networking of our specialists and a central point of contact for consulting and project management. We keep an eye on the big picture and guarantee that you can expect top performance in all areas to ensure the desired success of your investment.


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